Friday, October 15th 2021
The Issue: Save the Mendel PDF Print E-mail

Joe Kuchta, writing on his blog Owls and Roosters, has done a fantastic job of digging into the dirt of the local, provincial and federal machinations behind this issue. Please visit Owls and Roosters to find out more.

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A letter from a Mendel Supporter PDF Print E-mail

The following letter was sent to us by a notable Mendel supporter. Unfortunately, due to intimidation this person has asked to remain anonymous. However, the very fact that various powers in local politics have threatened this individual shows the level of obfuscation and corruption surrounding this issue.

A letter from a Mendel Supporter

"Out of mismanagement and sheer ignorance, Mayor Atchison, Art Knight, Vince Varga and friends are bent on destroying Fred Mendel's legacy, a critical component of Saskatoon's special heritage and the centrepiece of its cultural life, one of the very things that give Saskatoon its unique character and identity.

In 2005, the City's administration paid substantial dollars to an outside professional consultant by the name of David Russell to advise them on the River Landing development. He advised them to leave the Mendel where it is. I've always felt that River Landing should include more green space, and that the City's concept for developing the riverfront should be more holistic, that is, inclusive of the renovation and expansion of the Mendel Art Gallery.

After investing over a million dollars in the plan to upgrade and expand the Mendel Art Gallery, the City now very abruptly wants to invest in a major way in the so-called "Art Gallery of Saskatchewan", but for all the wrong reasons. It has no plan and no relevant policy for the development of culture and the arts in Saskatoon. Where's the vision? Where's the Business Plan? Where's the public accountability?

The mayor has not said anything about art and culture to the people of Saskatoon in relation to what he's planning to build. An unbelievable farce!"

~ A Mendel Supporter