The following letter was submitted to Saskatoon City Council on Friday, November 27, 2009 by Camille Mitchell.

Your Worship and City Council,

As a significant stakeholder in the Mendel Art Gallery, Honorary Chairperson of the Mendel Foundation and granddaughter of Fred Mendel, I respectfully request the postponement of any vote regarding the future of The Mendel Art Gallery until I and members of my family have had the opportunity to speak to City Council to address this proposed move to River Landing.

Neither my family nor I, nor friends nor Mendel supporters have been consulted in any manner regarding this move to River Landing or allowed input, nor were we advised of this proposed vote slated for November 30 - we read about it in the Star-Phoenix Newspaper this morning.

Regrettably,  on such short notice, I am not able to travel to Saskatoon to be heard at this meeting on behalf of my family.

As my Grandfather, on his own, in a time without government subsidies, created a company from nothing, that employed over 1500 Saskatonians annually for almost sixty years, and then generously donated - without obligation but from his heart to the People of Saskatoon - the equivalent today of millions of dollars to found and support the Mendel Art Gallery, I hope that this request will be considered and accepted by you.

Thank you for the future opportunity to be heard.

Camille Mitchell