Letter to the Editor: Memory problems Print

The StarPhoenix January 10, 2012

J.C. Rayner's letter, Show the reports (SP, Nov. 30), noted the lack of a report detailing the economics of the wind turbine project. The city's approach on the new art gallery is no different, with Don Atchison stating in October: "The federal government was not willing to fund expansion of the existing gallery." The paper to back up that statement has never been produced either. The mayor went on to say, "That meant an earlier renovation project (with the Mendel) could not proceed. The dollars weren't in place."

Curiously, when the decision was made to proceed with the Art Gallery of Saskatchewan, not only is money found but a hotshot fundraiser, too. In the Oct. 26 article Atchison mentions "a $71 million gallery for Saskatoon," yet city manager Murray Totland says on Nov. 24 that the gallery's price is $84 million - the figure first quoted in May 26, when the design was unveiled.

Has Mayor Atchison forgotten?

Should we also forget a potential conflict of interest of a previous Mendel board member, who was appointed to the gallery's board in 2006, made its chair in 2007 and then appointed to sit on the Destination Centre Steering Committee in 2008 - a year before the board decided to make the move to River Landing?

Flo Saworski (End council follies, SP, Jan. 6) isn't the only one who wonders if our mayor has a convenient memory problem.

C.J. Cote Saskatoon