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Letter to the Editor: Weak rational for Mendel move PDF Print E-mail

The following letter to the editor appeared recently in the StarPhoenix:

The disrespect being shown toward the Mendel Art Gallery and its namesake, Fred Mendel, is disappointing.

I've lived in Saskatoon for 52 years and remember Mendel's generous gift not only of money but priceless paintings from his own collection to help establish the gallery...

Read the full letter on the StarPhoenix website.

Op Ed: Mendel memory may disappear PDF Print E-mail

Please read the following Op Ed in the StarPhoenix by Chip Mitchell, Grandson of Fred Mendel.

This year marks the 70th anniversary that my grandfather, Fred Mendel, a Jewish refugee barely escaping the Nazi Holocaust, first set foot in Saskatoon and purchased what was a derelict building on 11th Street originally built as The Derby Motor Company during the 1920s. The long-abandoned building was a victim of the worst depression the city, province and world have known.

Read the Full Article on the StarPhoenix website.

Letter to the Editor: Speak up for Heritage PDF Print E-mail

The following is a letter submitted to the StarPhoenix.
Published Monday, February 08, 2010

It's sad how the citizens of Saskatoon have treated the Mendel family after years of their generous support. As a taxpayer, I don't think we need the added expense of moving this gallery and I believe that many others share my opinion.

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Op Ed: Proposed gallery shameful attempt at a compromise PDF Print E-mail

Jan. 21, 2010 - StarPhoenix.

The following viewpoint was written by P. Raymond Martineau, a member of the Mendel Art Gallery, in concert with others of like mind.

The Dec. 19 StarPhoenix article, River Landing balancing act, reveals that the proposed Art Gallery of Saskatchewan is destined to become a symbol of compromised principles.

Read the full article at the StarPhoenix website

Admission to the Mendel? And an admission of guilt? PDF Print E-mail

Joe Kuchta again uncovers more evidence of underhanded dealings in the Mendel Art Gallery fiasco. For the first time Admission will be charged to enter the Mendel! And it turns out the city never asked for federal funding to renovate the Mendel at all, despite saying otherwise in tax forms - evidence that the move was planned all along.

Check it all out at Owls & Roosters

A letter from Mendel Board Chair Art Knight PDF Print E-mail

View a tersely worded reply from Art Knight to Joe Kuchta in PDF.

StarPhoenix: Lack of Transparency Appalling PDF Print E-mail

Check out this Op-Ed from Joe Kuchta that appeared recently the the StarPhoenix.

 View Article.

Letter to the Editor: Mendel Deserves Better PDF Print E-mail

By Geraldine Dowling, The StarPhoenixJanuary 16, 2010

Re: Packing things in (SP, Jan. 11). What an uplifting yet heart-wrenching article this was. We are reminded of the impressive legacy Fred Mendel left in Saskatoon. Through his entrepreneurial efforts, the city had a progressive business for its citizens to make their living at, where they where well treated and respected. They could be proud of this business.

Then there was Mendel's artistic side. He encouraged one of our most distinguished artists, William Perehudoff, by having him paint murals on the walls of Intercontinental Packers offices, and he instigated the creation of his namesake art gallery to enhance the lives of citizens.

Demolition of the Mitchell Gourmet Foods building PDF Print E-mail

Check out this article from the January 11, 2010 issue of the StarPhoenix, about the demolition of the Mitchell Gourmet Foods builiding - the company started by Fred Mendel almost 70 years ago! With some interesting notes about Fred Mendel's contribution to the community.

Read the Article on the StarPhoenix website

Letters to City Council in Support of the Mendel Art Gallery PDF Print E-mail

Take a look at these letters of support that were submitted to the Saskatoon City Council for their Dec. 14, 2009, meeting adgenda. On the last page you'll find some letters to the StarPhoenix as well.

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