Referendum petition to save the Mendel and stop the Remai. Will you help? Print

An ad hoc "Save the Mendel" lobby is organizing a referendum petition to force a binding referendum on the Mendel/Remai issue.

Our goal: To enlist 240 or so citizens to each obtain 100 signatures, thereby surpassing the required 23,660 total (i.e., 1/10th of the population) as specified by the city clerk.

With 2,600 signatures already on the website and two media polls indicating roughly 70% of respondents against the proposed Remai Gallery, we anticipate plenty of support for the petition.

If you'd be willing to take a petition sheet, send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Simply provide your name, address, and phone number and we'll get back to you. Meanwhile, please spread the word about this pro-Mendel initiative.

At issue: Would you rather have $4.6-million in civic taxes go to an expanded, refurbished Mendel (see city's 2009 Budget) or $34-million in civic taxes toward the $84-million Remai Gallery (parkade included). That cost-differential would bankroll a new Traffic Bridge - or a lot of road maintenance.

No politician could publicly oppose an initiative that seeks to find out whether or not there's grassroots support for the Remai Gallery. If there is—fine. Let it proceed. If not, the civic administration could then re-direct its energies where it was a few years ago—i.e., to enlarging and renovating the Mendel Gallery on the riverbank—as per 111(1) of The Cities Act.

Please consider taking one of our petitions. It's not too late to stop the un-wanted, un-needed, and unaffordable Remai. And may the voice of the people be heard.