Thursday, December 2nd 2021
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The report, Mendel move supported; Survey criticized by some (SP, Feb. 16) about public opinion on this issue is misleading.

It is interesting that two recent media polls produced results radically different from the Fast Consulting market analysis funded by the Remai Art Gallery of Saskatchewan. Answering a simple, yes/no question, 70 per cent of 600 respondents to a CTV online poll don't support moving the Mendel to River Landing; similarly, 72.2 per cent of 7,837 respondents to a NewsTalk 650 Radio online poll don't support a move.

Interested readers can link from the StarPhoenix site to the Fast Consulting "data." Of course, RAGS supporters are counting on readers not having time to pore over a 47-page document. Therefore, I invite you to consider just one of many examples of how we've been misled through poorly constructed questions and manipulated responses.

One question asks: How likely are you to visit the gallery at its new location when it opens? Responses are: Not at all likely, 20 per cent; slightly likely, 23 per cent; moderately likely, 16 per cent; likely, 19 per cent; very likely, 22 per cent.

Fast considers four of these options to be positive, concluding that "Eight out 10 Saskatoon residents (80%) are likely" to visit the gallery at River Landing.

Look again at the responses and consider the following, equally valid interpretation: Eight out of 10 Saskatoon residents (78%) are not very likely to visit RAGS at River Landing.

I encourage interested citizens to review the RAGS survey and ask themselves how they like the emperor's new clothes.

Margi Corbett Saskatoon