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Letter to the Editor: Hold Mendel gallery referendum PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor: By Robert S. Hampton, The StarPhoenix  October 12, 2009

To paraphrase a recent comment by Mayor Don Atchison, some people may be upset with the Mendel hijacking but tough, it's a done deal. People are entitled to their opinion, but his is the right one.

Since the Mayor of Dancing Lights and Parking Lots probably will retain his office through the name recognition vote, maybe it's time to let the public in on this decision process. Let's add a referendum on the ballot and give the citizens a say on this landmark move.

I fully recognize that the mayor and his backroom gang will have about a million reasons why this isn't possible. However, if they allow the people to speak, maybe this fiasco can be scrapped and that letter of apology can be penned to the Mendel family asking for forgiveness.

Let the people decide.

Robert S. Hampton, Saskatoon