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Letter to the Editor: By C.J. Cote, The StarPhoenix December 2, 2009

Any successful entrepreneur or realtor will expound at length on the importance of "location, location, location!"

The Mendel Gallery has it in spades, occupying a very enviable position as the sole building in the area to attract the attention of passers-by, whether driving, walking, jogging or cycling.

Add to that the 2006 traffic counts which show a daily traffic count of 15,000 cars that drive by the Mendel as opposed to fewer than 12,000 that go down Second Avenue toward the River Landing, and you wonder, "What are they thinking?"

The nationally known Mendel not only will lose its recognizable name in its new location and be lost among proposed overpowering, surrounding buildings, but will also lose the free parking that patrons and clubs have enjoyed for years.

The Ontario Museum of Art has gone through eight renovations over the years to successfully adapt to changing demands instead of pulling up stakes. It makes one wonder why spend $58 million when $24 could do the job at the Mendel site. Will the millions collected for the renovation fund be returned to the generous patrons?

You only have to watch the Sunday afternoon and summer evening flow of budding artists and future patrons crossing the street from the Kinsmen Play Park to the Mendel, to think that city council and the Mendel board in particular should give their heads a serious shake!

C.J. Cote, Saskatoon