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Letter to the Editor: Wrong move by council on Mendel PDF Print E-mail

Letter to the Editor: By Nick Henselmeier, The StarPhoenix December 9, 2009
The announcement of a $58-million replacement for the Mendel gallery at River Landing is irresponsible, as Saskatchewan has just announced a $1.05-billion deficit, its second largest ever.

Furthermore, Saskatoon is hit especially hard, with predicted "near term" employment losses. Yet the city keeps dumping money into River Landing -- $81 million so far, with another $20 million as its share to replace the existing nice central Mendel facility -- when it hasn't even sold the $5 million lot.

Now is the time for city council to buckle down and decrease spending, to get us through this recession. Instead it's doing the opposite, with job losses mounting.

Nick Henselmeier, Saskatoon