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Letter to the Editor - By Margi Corbett, The StarPhoenixDecember 4, 2009
City administration's recommendation to strip the Mendel Art Gallery of its name, our legacy, and move its collection to a second-rate location borders on the absurd. Our council has got us into a huge, multifaceted mess called River Landing, and now it wants to save face as expediently as possible.

Regarding the proposed Art Gallery of Saskatchewan, some people say it needs a big pot of money and federal funding is the only money available right now. This is called selling out, and it is not a strong enough argument to destroy a beloved Saskatoon landmark and cultural icon.

The fact that an intelligent person like John Hampton would actually refer to the Galaxy Cinema as a cultural centre (New gallery builds on Mendel legacy, SP, Nov. 27) illustrates the depths to which we have sunk in trying to rationalize a bad idea.

It takes vision to build a great city. Our elected officials are absolutely wrong to opt for the easiest way out of a problem that they created in the first pace.

Margi Corbett