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Vince Varga supported Mendel Expansion on Spadina - what happened? PDF Print E-mail

Taken from "Mendel Art Gallery names new executive director" The StarPhoenix May 2, 2008

Speaking at a Friday morning news conference announcing his appointment, Varga immediately expressed his support for the expansion and renovation of the gallery. The Mendel requires $21.5 million for the project; of that, $4.6 million has been committed by the city, $4.1 million from the province, and an application for $6.6 million is in the hands of Heritage Canada.

 "The critically important capital project that is underway is absolutely essential for the Mendel, so that it can actually continue for the next 50 years, to be able to meet the kinds of objectives and relationships it has with the city of Saskatoon, the wonderful public that supports this institution, and also beyond into Saskatchewan, a wonderful cultural resource," said Varga.

The capital upgrade will assist the gallery in doing what it has been charged to do, which is preserve, protect and continue to collect the cultural legacy for Saskatchewan, he said.

"If we're not able to do that, then we're not able to meet our obligation, our fiduciary responsibility."

Varga said he also views the renovation and expansion plan as an opportunity to "rejuvenate, renew and perhaps even reimagine" how the Mendel can relate to its community."