Thursday, December 2nd 2021
Dear Mendel Supporters... PDF Print E-mail

KEEP FIGHTING - IT AIN'T OVER, FOLKS! No matter what they claim. THERE IS STILL THE TIME AND THE WILL TO SAVE THE MENDEL - despite the propaganda of the Mayor's Office who insist otherwise to make their job a whole lot easier!  PLEASE keep the discussion going, keep writing the letters to City Council and to the  Provincial and Federal Governments voicing your protest, pass on the petition and keep the signatures coming! And thank you, thank you for all that you do!

SHOW US THE MONEY! How desperate is City Council these days? Lake Placid can't seem to get its money together, the River Landing real estate isn't selling and the Mayor, City Council and present Mendel Board keep spewing out all the same-old-same-old news propaganda of "Its a done deal!" when it ain't! This Mendel Move may never ever happen...

You don't have to travel far on these website pages to see that the present Mendel Board, headed by Art Knight and Vince Varga, have no business keeping their lofty positions at the Mendel when they really appear to be working for the City (and if they had any moral fiber they would resign) but more important---SHOW US THE MONEY!

Where is the money and artwork and volunteer time that YOU donated to the Mendel on Spadina? Where is the money you donated to the Mendel Expansion on Spadina? Or to the Mendel Foundation on Spadina? Where did the 2007 $4-million government donation for the Mendel Expansion on Spadina go?

Did the Mayor with the complicit Mendel Board just toss it into the "Saskatoon Fund" that is now going towards the funding of this proposed sham, the Art Gallery of Saskatchewan? There has been no co-operation from the City Council, City Archives, Mendel Board or Foundation to answer many of these questions (See Joe Kuchta's FOI Website Article below) so let's keep asking the questions. 

The answer is out there...Thank you for your continued support!