Thursday, December 2nd 2021
Letter to the Editor: Mendel top story PDF Print E-mail


Unfortunately, the closure of the Mendel Art Gallery did not make it as Saskatoon's top story of 2011. We think it's not only the top story of the year, but also the most upsetting.

This story represents how little the city's administration values public opinion. Had they been paying attention to the letters to the editor, councillors would have certainly noticed that almost all did not support the move.

Without Fred Mendel would we ever have had a major art gallery? His contributions in today's dollars would easily equal the Remai donation. But this seems to mean nothing.

Ellen Remai better not think that her donation ensures a permanent legacy. The name will be on the gallery only until someone with deeper pockets comes along.

The Mendel gallery belongs to the people of Saskatoon. For the mayor and council to have made the decision to move it with no input whatsoever from the public is inexcusable. Why would you move an art gallery from a perfect natural setting to a spot practically under a freeway, surrounded by concrete with no parking? It boggles the mind.

Let's hope those of us who are discouraged by no one caring about our opinion will get out to vote in October and put someone in office who will listen to us.

Gordon and Marcia Bruce Saskatoon