Thursday, December 2nd 2021
Letter to the Editor: Devoid of beauty PDF Print E-mail


In the Hans Christian Andersen tale, The Emperor's New Clothes, it took a child to point out the obvious.

Keeping this tale in mind, let's see the proposed Remai gallery for what it will really will look like: Not an attractive accessory dressing up our south downtown, but more like an industrial car park, devoid of any esthetic value.

Canadian Architect Magazine has given this building an award. If this soulless structure is what passes for good design, it just demonstrates that, like the compliments from the emperor's fawning courtiers in the fable, you cannot trust the experts.

Saskatoon deserves something better than this uninspired, metal and glass concoction of stacked rectangles. The building has no style, grace or spirit, and appears dated years before it will be built.

I also didn't appreci-ate the city stuffing our mailboxes last month with handbills promoting the new building. It is a waste of taxpayers money to try to "spin" this monstrous money pit as a thing of beauty.

Let's cherish the Meewasin Valley and crown it with complementary buildings. The Mendel Gallery and Conservatory is a good example. The proposed new building would tarnish the riverbank with its bleak metal-machine look, as well as tarnish Saskatoon's progressive reputation.

Karen Pugh Saskatoon