Thursday, December 2nd 2021
Letter to the Editor: Loss of Faith PDF Print E-mail


I have lost faith in our mayor and council. This art gallery thing is totally out of control.

The high volume of letters to the editor at The StarPhoenix about the Mendel hasn't been enough to make this mayor and council think again. We get polls that pull the voters this way and then the other. There is a lot of dust flying over this gallery.

I saw a photo of the proposed addition for the Mendel Art Gallery, and it was quite attractive with the trees and background. I then envision the new gallery, which really puts me in mind of a big box store surrounded by concrete and pavement.

I think we should put a hold on this building until election time, and add a ballot for the two galleries as well as for the mayor and councillors. I know where my votes are going.

While I'm on the subject of lost faith, the Credit Union Centre is accommodating a franchise for lingerie football, but can't spring for a Thank You to the military veterans and the thousands that gave their lives. Shame.

Gord Seaborn Saskatoon