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Letter to the Editor: Feelings Clear PDF Print E-mail

StarPhoenix January 20, 2012

Re: Wide opposition (SP, Jan. 17). I want to thank David Geary for his cogent letter regarding the lack of community support for the new Remai Art Gallery at River Landing. He expresses the frustration so many of us feel about Mayor Don Atchison's obvious "edifice complex."

Unfortunately, it won't be long until Geary is publicly labelled a braying ass, an ignorant radical or a whiner, as have the other concerned citizens who dared to question this council's abandonment of Fred Mendel's legacy. I try to avoid watching television coverage of the new gallery, because thinking about this terrible mistake still makes me feel sick. However, I couldn't help but notice the poor turnout at the city's recent open house at TCU Place to view the detailed drawings of the Remai Art Gallery of Saskatchewan.

There appears to be very little interest in the expensive new edifice.

Margi Corbett Saskatoon