Thursday, December 2nd 2021
Call for Resignation of Mendel Art Gallery Board of Trustees! PDF Print E-mail

From the Mendel Trustee Job Description:

A Mendel Gallery Trustee is expected to:

  1. Be committed to the goals and purpose of the Mendel Art Gallery and be willing to support its programs and functions.
  2. Govern the affairs of the organization through the Board and one or more of its committees. Ad hoc committees are created as needed.
  3. Develop, review, and monitor policies for all areas of the Gallery's operation, including Acquisitions and Collections management, Exhibitions and Public Programs, personnel, Membership, etc.
  4. Commit time to the governance of the Mendel Art Gallery by:
    - Attending Board and relevant committee meetings and undertaking appropriate preparation and study. (The Board of Trustees meets once a month usually in the evening. Committees meet during business hours.)
    - Being able and willing to accept executive responsibility.
    - Participating as necessary in the selection and evaluation of the Executive Director & CEO of the Mendel Art Gallery.
  5. Show a commitment to the financial support of the Mendel Art Gallery through membership as well as involvement with some aspect of membership development or fundraising.
  6. Act as a Trustee in the interests of the Mendel Art Gallery and not on behalf of any other group, individual, or belief.

The Mendel Art Gallery's Board meets monthly, except for July and August. Meetings are 2 to 3 hours in duration. Trustees are also expected to serve on one or two of the Mendel's committees: Executive Committee, Audit and Finance Committee, Collection Committee, Facility Development Committee, Governance Committee, Human Resources Committee, and Fundraising Committee. Special committees are appointed from time to time. Trustees are expected to participate activeely in the annual corporate and individual fundraising campaigns.