Thursday, December 2nd 2021
Mendel move wisdom questionable PDF Print E-mail

An Op-Ed in the StarPhoenix by Saskatoon artist David Geary, from May 6, 2011

As one of a growing number of established and emerging local artists who question the validity of the proposed Art Gallery of Saskatchewan (AGS), I wonder about the wisdom of the planned closure of the Mendel at its scenic location.

It would be replaced by the AGS at a much less attractive site, wedged between the freeway bridge and the rear of the Persephone Theatre building. The Mendel's closure and move is clearly unpopular in a large part of our art community as well as within broader Saskatoon. This is evidenced by a StarPhoenix poll at the time of the AGS announcement, which revealed that 60 per cent of residents were opposed to it. Two subsequent radio polls also indicated residents are very much opposed to the move, demonstrating the public's deep attachment to the Mendel.

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